Stress-Free Living 

People are under stress more now than ever before. It’s time to reclaim balance and learn proven stress reducing techniques in everyday living. 

Nutrient Health 

Learn how small changes everyday in your diet can make profound differences in how you think, feel and function. 

Movement Motivation 

We live more sedentary lives today than any other time in history, but our bodies are made to move! During this lunch n’ learn, we will explore best practices for body ergonomics, stretching, exercise to promote healthy function. 

Winter Vibrancy 

Staying active and healthy during the winter months can be challenging, in this discussion, find ways you can live healthy year-round and avoid “cabin fever,” feelings. 

Custom Topics 

Our company can create topics per request. 

Provide your employees with a complimentary wellness education luncheon 

Looking for MEASUREABLE WELLNESS solutions? 

Lifetime Chiropractic Center is a leading wellness provider. Through a full-service on-site wellness program, the Lifetime Chiropractic group is bringing wellness to corporate America. 

First-of-its-kind, on-site, corporate wellness offer. Our program is based off a program built on 10 years of data that shows direct correlation between wellness and business performance. 

And, here’s why you should care. 

  • Enrolled wellness participants health care costs decreased by 55% 
  • Program participation has grown to 97% of employees 
  • Short-term disability claims down 24% 
  • Employee spousal claims down 18% 
  • Employee turnover reduced by 60% 
  • Reduced absenteeism rate, which reduces amount of overtime costs 
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