Last week, a pediatrician referred a 14 month old little boy in for an evaluation. He has been diagnosed with “failure to thrive–unknown etiology”.  He had no appetite and cried all the time, and the mom said he never slept through the night.  The boy has a twin sister—perfectly healthy, but he only weighed 16 pounds. All blood tests and stool tests were negative—he has seen 6 different specialists. During the case history, the little guy reached out for me, and subsequently sat on my lap for the remainder of the consult—it seemed that he knew innately that he needed to be there. As of today, he has had three chiropractic treatments. I adjusted him twice, and my associate adjusted him this morning. Last night I left a message for his mom to check in him. Just now, his mom texted me this message: 

“Hello.  This is Javier’s mom.  Thanks for checking on my son.  He’s doing great!  Very happy.  Eating and drinking a lot and sleeping through the night. No tummy troubles at all.  My husband and I are so happy he’s doing better.  Thanks!” 

Just had to share this!!  Undoubtedly, chiropractic is saving this boys life….what an honor to be part of it!! 

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