The pH is a measurement of the alkalinity or acidity, by definition pH is “potential hydrogen”.

The more acid a solution is then the less oxygen, and therefore the more alkaline the higher degree of oxygen.

Bacteria, viruses and cancer cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment.

Our bodies are constantly working to regulate the acid/alkaline internal environment. The body cannot endure extended acid imbalances. Symptoms of early stage acid imbalances include allergies, colds, sinus, headaches and skin problems.

When the body is imbalanced then it will extract alkalizing minerals from the tissues to compensate. The body will use calcium; potassium, sodium and magnesium to regulate its pH and return the body back to an alkaline state.

If you are unhealthy and do not have a sufficient supply of these minerals then your body will take the calcium from your teeth and bones and the magnesium from the muscle tissues. If the acid environment continues for a long period then the circulatory system will try and eliminate this waste by storing it in the fat.

Therefore the pH is a very important health factor. By eating more raw fruits and vegetables the body should easily combat any acidic condition.

Dr. Janusz from Lifetime Chiropractic works very closely with his patients regarding the health of their spine and the overall condition of their body.

With the combination of a healthy spine and nervous system along with flexibility and proper nutrition then everyone is capable of a vibrant body and longevity.

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