Tuesday, July 24th 2018  at 6 pm 

Lifetime Chiropractic Presents ” How to stay young for the first 100 years.” 

It’s been a dream of civilizations since the dawn of time: If we can’t live forever, can we at least slow down the aging process  and stretch our lives out as long as possible? 

Now, researchers from Palmer University say they’ve found that chiropractic can slow the aging process within our cells. That ultimately means better health , and physical conditioning that matches the natural age progression of a significantly younger person–as many as nine years younger. 

If it’s not quite the fountain of youth, it’s an intriguing step toward it. I’m also the first to admit that such a big claim deserves a skeptical eye. So let’s dive right into chiropractic and examine what the researchers claim–along with exactly how much care we’re talking about to achieve the results. 


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