Memorial day Prayers

At the end, it was all for naught that carnage in each debate fought Princes demoted and Empires lost But the worst thing was the human rights costOne hundred years to this very day like then we shake our intelligences and respond Still in struggles our sons and daughters croak to all that is righteou, why? Oh, why?Memorial DayMost of us frisk, our lives like video games both dissolves of our candle, consumed by the flameChoosing a certain, buying a vowel planning tomorrow, abandoning the nowIn days gone by , not so many years ago “were in” dreaming of outpouring, through icy windowsFields of light-green clover, budding trees and daffodils cooling homemade cobblers, on open space sillsWalking barefoot in the yard, after warm morning rains lost in our fantasizes of sweet reeking flowers

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