Swimming has become one of the most popular exercises for people of all ages and fitness ability levels, and for good reason. Swimming provides a full-body workout without placing excessive force on the often injury-prone joints of the body. However, although swimming is a low-impact sport does not mean it is completely free of injury risk. In order to stay healthy and free of injury while swimming, make sure you understand the new stresses that your body will be going through and take the necessary steps to prevent overexertion. 

Chiropractic Treatment

Swimming puts the body under unique biological stresses that people rarely undergo outside of the pool.

Due to these new stresses on your body, injuries can be common for new swimmers whose bodies haven’t adjusted properly. If you begin to notice pain developing after you begin a swimming regime and rest isn’t enough, you should consider seeking chiropractic treatment Through a series of adjustments, a chiropractor can ensure your body is will not only treat your injury, it can also help future injuries from developing as well. Your body will be able to perform at a higher level which will increase performance and prevent injury with adjustments. A chiropractor can also provide an assessment of your swimming stroke technique to determine problems areas that may lead to injury.

Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and active no matter what your age or fitness ability level is. Although it is a low-impact sport, swimming can still lead to injuries in those who over train or exhibit poor form. By listening to your body and receiving treatment when pain begins to develop, you can prevent serious injuries from occurring while improving your overall performance as well. For these reasons, chiropractic treatment has become a staple in most all major sports, and can help keep you in the water longer without pain.

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