Dr. Raymond Janusz and the Staff at Lifetime Chiropractic Center have years of experience in the handling of auto accident injuries and claims.

We make it simple for you to access the care that you need, especially when you may be in pain and discomfort after an auto accident. Dr. Raymond Janusz is a qualified medical expert witness and brings years of case experience to your claim that results in the fair compensation you deserve when representing your injuries to the insurance and legal community.

“The threshold for cervical spine (neck) soft tissue injury becomes a reality at 5 mph. The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (Neck) of the occupants.”

– Charles Carroll MD, Paul Mcatee MD, and Lee Riley MD

Injuries obtained in a car accident can have life-long consequences. Some unfortunate people live with chronic pain and headaches as a result of their car accident. The quality treatment you will receive by our chiropractor at Lifetime Chiropractic Center in Milwaukee, WI, can help to relieve your suffering and improve your quality of life.

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