Neuromuscular Re-Education Treatment

In the rehabilitation world, the concept of re-educating the body as part of the healing process is a well-understood and practiced regimen. Lifetime Chiropractic Center in Milwaukee has dealt with many patients that are restored using rehab programs to help heal injuries. These treatments and approaches are based on teaching the brain and body new pathways after the original capabilities have been injured or blocked.

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Finding A Way Around a Nerve Block

In the same general category, neuromuscular re-education involves working with the nerve network and muscular structure of a patient to either reinforce or re-establish pathways of communication within the nervous system.

When a person is seriously injured, the memory pathways in the body can be seriously and permanently disrupted. The mind and body have to find brand new pathways to connect. And that process takes time and motor practice to re-establish. Neuromuscular re-education involves the targeted application of exercises and treatment to allow people to restore their normal movement after such events.

What a Typical Treatment Involves

Muscular memory treatment typically starts with a doctor’s evaluation and diagnosis of the injury extent. After the examination, a doctor will direct treatment either to a chiropractor or an occupational or physical therapist for rehabilitation. Many offices try to simply refer patients to the resources in their immediate network, but a person isn’t limited to just those options. In many cases, going to a specific therapist can result in faster treatment which is essential to avoid restrictive muscle scarring from building up during healing, especially with torn muscle injuries.

Once connected and assigned, the patient then attends a series of appointments and physical treatment aimed to move through a schedule of repetitive activities. These activities will include positioning, stretching, movement, stimulation of the muscle sets, and testing for nerve reaction responses. The approach focuses on retraining the affected system to communicate efficiently again. Patients should plan for a schedule involving several weeks to a few months to experience the full treatment effect. Cutting a treatment short can cause less than optimum results for proper healing.

Finding Help From Our Chiropractor in Milwaukee

If you’re located in the Milwaukee region and need rehabilitation, particularly nerve and muscle-related rehabilitation, choose Lifetime Chiropractic Center for treatment. Our chiropractic team regularly works in neuromuscular education for patients recovering from injuries, gradual changes, sports and high-activity injuries, and others. Our program goes through an extensive healing and re-mapping approach to restore mobility and get our patients back to living their lives again with physical freedom. Call us today at (414) 643-6000 to schedule an appointment